The fastest, most efficient, least expensive way of returning traditional American values and conservative principles to the classroom is through the teaching of current events. It is essential that conservatives insist that their local schools provide 30 minutes of current- events instruction each week and that school libraries include conservative current-events materials.

Conservatives surrendered our children and tax dollars to the progressives in the early 1900s by advocating homeschooling and vouchers as an alternative. The results: in 1972 about 3% of the student population in our local school were failing because of “the world owes me a living” attitude. By 2009 the number of children failing increased to about 37% in many school districts. In the meantime, less than 18% of Wisconsin’s school age children attend home schools, private schools, or charter schools.

If our nation is going to return to a Constitutional Republic we must take back our schools. The study of current events is the most effective way to bring conservative principles into the classroom.

When conservatives had grown frustrated with the pressure and influx of progressivism in the teaching staff and curriculum in public schools, their abandonment of the system had significant consequences. These consequences were documented in 1952 by William Buckley, Jr. in his book GOD AND MAN AT YALE. Mr. Buckley explained that the progressives destroyed civil debate by changing the meaning of vocabulary, and they destroyed respect for truth and ethics by demanding that perceptions be given credibility. Progressives destroyed the curriculum by protecting the academic freedom of instructors over that of the student. Mr. Buckley was frustrated that the curriculums at Ivy League colleges became collectivistic and served to promote social engineering rather than educate students.

If the public had heeded Mr. Buckley’s warnings in 1952, perhaps our public educational system could have been protected. But the conservatives ignored his warnings, dug in their heels, and promoted the destruction of public education by insisting on home schooling and voucher options. The result: progressives were given our children, our tax dollars and 70 years to convince America’s children to accept a democracy and socialistic governments over a Constitutional Republic. And they drove many conservatives to the Independent Party.

If America is going to return to a Constitutional Republic, if our work force is going to have a work ethic, if traditional American values are going to be returned to our society, Conservatives must be willing to “share the sacrifice” and invest every spare moment, spare dollar, and their energy to returning conservative principles and traditional American values to public-school classrooms. If each conservative begins with the neighborhood school, much progress will be made swiftly. This is a fight for the soul of America.


  1. Conservatives care about THEIR children and THEIR businesses and THEIR wealth and they do not care about anyone else. America is a Democratic Republic and I like it that way.

  2. While I generally admire William Buckley, Jr., I have to respectfully question the idea that it is the government’s duty to educate children. Government’s main role is to protect its citizens from evil. We’ve seen how the welfare clause has been taken out of context, expanded, and abused. While I also tend to disagree with Jefferson’s ultimate solution, he questioned Patrick Henry’s desires in this respect toward education as well. Education cannot be neutral, and just as the Catholics disagreed with the teachings their children were receiving in the taxpayer-funded Calivinst schools of earlier days, I don’t want my tax-monies going toward a community education with which my conscience cannot agree. (My community is composed of mainly Christians and Muslims.)

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