Education Goals

The goals of the educational system are a specific description of the program of human development through education, a description of the knowledge system, and those norms of activity and relations that students should master after graduating from an educational institution. Our partner custom essays service helped us write these goals and create content for them. Attempts were made repeatedly to present such a program in the form of a model of a school or university graduate, in the form of a professional specialist of a specific educational institution. In modern conditions, the selection of goals usually takes into account both the social demand of the state and society, as well as the goals of an individual who wants to get an education in a specific educational institution, his interests, and inclinations. The learning goals of a specific academic discipline clarify and determine the goals of the formation of a modern person as such and the goals of a specific educational institution, taking into account the specifics of the discipline, the amount of time of the educational course, the age and other individual characteristics of the students. As a rule, goals show the general strategic orientations and directions of activities of teachers and students.

Abstinence-only Sex Education

ABSTINENCE UNTIL MARRIAGE SEX EDUCATION BECAUSE a civil society acknowledges that the right of refusal is the most important aspect of sexual freedom, and BECAUSE true sexual freedom exists when the right of refusal is respected, and BECAUSE the inclusion Continue reading

Academic Accountability

EDUCATION AND ACADEMIC ACCOUNTABILITY BECAUSE academic accountability can occur only when teachers, parents, and students know the academic standing of the student at the beginning of the school year and the academic progress achieved by the end of the year, Continue reading

Academic Freedom

ACADEMIC FREEDOM BECAUSE a truly enlightened educational environment provides and encourages research and discussion of a variety of viewpoints on major issues which impact society, and BECAUSE in a civil society, citizens must analyze varying viewpoints objectively and must respect Continue reading

Administrator Evaluations

TEACHER EVALUATION OF ADMINISTRATORS BECAUSE administrative respect for educational and behavioral standards is an essential element to the success of the school, the teachers, and the students, and BECAUSE an administrator’s support for a teacher’s efforts to help each student Continue reading

District Developed Behavioral Standards

BECAUSE poorly behaving students disrupt the learning environment and limit learning opportunities for all children, and BECAUSE administrative support for teacher implementation of proper behavioral standards should be based on standards that have been clearly defined and published in school Continue reading

English Education

PROPOSED RESOLUTION ON ENGLISH INSTRUCTION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS WHEREAS, Federal government officials are unfamiliar with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and are struggling with whether federal standards would have an appropriate or potentially unconstitutional power over local education; therefore, Continue reading

Comparative Study of Religion

COMPARATIVE STUDY OF MAJOR RELIGIONS BECAUSE historical documents show that the founding fathers saw religion as a common denominator of moral teachings NOT as a form of political pressure of some national church hierarchy, and BECAUSE Thomas Jefferson wrote a Continue reading

Curriculum for American History

CURRICULUM FOR THE STUDY OF AMERICAN HISTORY OR GOVERNMENT BECAUSE the first federal standards for education, written by our founding fathers under Article 3 of The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 offer the following provisions for the advancement of education: “Religion, Continue reading

Curriculum for Critical Thinking Skills

BECAUSE a major responsibility of an educational system is to encourage students to study issues with scrutiny and to judge the veracity of those issues, and BECAUSE scrutiny requires access to all viewpoints of an issue, and BECAUSE scrutiny also Continue reading

Curriculum of the History of Political Leaders and Philosophy

THE STUDY OF POLITICAL SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, AND LEADERSHIP BECAUSE schools receiving federal funds have an obligation to the tax payers to promote a thorough understanding of the political philosophies that influenced the formation of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Continue reading

Curriculum of Government Studies

BECAUSE schools receiving federal funding are responsible for assuring that students can recognize the difference between various forms of government, and BECAUSE an understanding of various forms of government can be achieved through curriculum which offers relevant literature on socialism, Continue reading

Federal Academic Standards

FEDERAL ACADEMIC STANDARDS BECAUSE twentieth century Americans are often unaware of the importance which the founding fathers originally attached to religion as the strength of our society, government, and educational system, and BECAUSE the founding fathers often admonished the colonists Continue reading

Frivolous Law Suits

THE DISPENSATION OF FRIVOLOUS LAW SUITS BECAUSE too many parents place their child’s right to creative expression above the rights of other students to have an academically focused school environment, and BECAUSE a growing number of parents threaten and often Continue reading

Materials in School Libraries

RESEARCH MATERIALS IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES BECAUSE the school library is visited by all students and provides an immediate visual impact on a student’s perception of the intellectual tone of a school building, and BECAUSE school libraries which contain reading materials Continue reading

Math Curriculum

BECAUSE for over 50 years the Federal and State Departments of Education have failed to influence changes in teaching methods and strategies to address the steadily declining test scores identified by A Nation at Risk, ACT tests, and a variety Continue reading

Professional Freedom for Teachers

TEACHERS’ PROFESSIONAL FREEDOM BECAUSE teaching methods are developed by educational experts with degrees in education policy and education research, and BECAUSE too often these experts have never taught in the classroom or they have failed while teaching in the classroom, Continue reading

Reading Curriculum

BECAUSE educational studies have not always been scientifically sound and the results typically cannot be replicated, and BECAUSE those educational studies which were promised to be scientifically based have been proven flawed, and BECAUSE educational researchers too often have political, Continue reading

Science Curriculum

BECAUSE the scientific method and its application is an essential part of traditional scientific inquiry, and BECAUSE traditional scientific method of inquiry, discovery, and systematic gathering of knowledge should be used to demonstrate the truth or falsehood of a conclusion, Continue reading

Social Engineering

BECAUSE a purpose of an educational system is to prepare students to become a well informed electorate with skills necessary for contributing members of a work force, and BECAUSE teaching mastery of a subject does not require indoctrination of social Continue reading

State’s Academic Standards

REQUIREMENT FOR STATES TO WRITE ACADEMIC STANDARDS BECAUSE our founding fathers provided guidelines for a state’s academic standards in Article 3 of The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and BECAUSE teachers and students cannot be held accountable for academic progress unless Continue reading

Student Manipulation

BECAUSE students have discovered that accusing a teacher of verbal assault, physical assault, or sexual harassment/assault will get a teacher removed from the classroom, and BECAUSE students have discovered that accusing a teacher of intimidation, insensitivity, or “meanness” is sufficient Continue reading

Teacher Evaluations

BECAUSE every teacher has a right to receive specific, written data about the academic progress made by each student in the subject or subjects taught by that teacher, and BECAUSE a teacher’s success should be determined by the level of Continue reading