Advocates for Academic Freedom will visit your group to present information on any educational issue you wish. We are most eager to discuss the inextricable relationship between America’s educational system and its political and social policies.

You may select a Seminar running thirty minutes to two hours or a presentation of ten to twenty minutes. All of the following topics can be addressed under any of the above formats and timelines. Feel free to request a topic of your choice.


  1. Teaching to The Test and Biometric Data Collection
  2. America’s Current Civil War and the New Social Studies Standards
  3. A report on the topic of Religion and the Politics of Education prepared by a company where you can buy a college research paper 
  4. Stop Common Core and the Federalization of Education 
  5. Common Core Standards Myths and Solutions
  6. Escape the Grasp of the Feds by Exercising Local Control of Schools
  7. The Government Knows Data Mining Undermines Learning
  8. Teachers, Recreate Students into Federally Approved Image
  9. Replacing George Washington with “Fighting Bob LaFollette”
  10. Capitalism and Math Curriculum in the Progressive Classroom
  11. “Socialism Means to Like People and To Care About Them”
  12. The Intended and the Current Role of Religion in Education
  13. The Charter School and Your Tax Dollars
  14. Foreign Money in the Charter School.
  15. Teaching Methods that Discourage Academic Excellence
  16. The Attack on Individualism and Academic Excellence through Social Justice Curricula
  17. America, the Republic?
  18. Educational Experts from Horace Mann to Bill Ayers.
  19. Changes in Teacher Preparation from 1960s to Today
  20. Who is Really Sabotaging Accountability in Education?
  21. The Northwest Ordinance and Federal Educational Standards
  22. Social Policies that Impact Academic Excellence
  23. True Sexual Freedom vs Current Sex-Education Curriculums

Most Seminars are free but in some cases, reimbursement for travel and materials will be required. You may book a seminar or presentation by contacting Karen Schroeder at 715-234-5072 or e-mail her at [email protected].

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Karen Schroeder

· CEO of Advocates for Conservatism in Education
· Thirty-six years of teaching experience in the elementary and middle school
· Negotiated teacher contracts in the 1980s
· M.S. Degree, the College of St. Thomas
· B.A. Degree, Augsburg College

Who Should Attend: parents, teachers, administrators, school board members, legislators, education policy experts, and every taxpayer