Reading Curriculum

BECAUSE educational studies have not always been scientifically sound and the results typically cannot be replicated, and

BECAUSE those educational studies which were promised to be scientifically based have been proven flawed, and

BECAUSE educational researchers too often have political, financial and egocentric reasons for manipulating the data,

BECAUSE much of the educational research has been financed by special interest groups which have influenced the outcomes of the research, and

BECAUSE peer studies and peer assessed education literature is often tainted, and

BECAUSE the argument that every method of reading instruction has advantages and disadvantages is not sufficient reason for mandatory implementation or elimination of techniques such as phonics, and

BECAUSE we the people, have lost trust in the for the “findings” presented by educational groups, and

BECAUSE classical literature is often more grammatically correct, more cerebral, more stimulating, more challenging, and more enlightening than many modern works, and

BECAUSE we the people are concerned that our children be taught to read and understand challenging material,

THEREFORE reading instruction must include phonics in the development of reading skills, and be it further

THEREFORE reading programs include a balance of classic and modern literature for required classroom reading and for required personal reading projects.