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Issued to: Congress

Wherein, there is no constitutional requirement for the federal government to fund education or to influence school curricula or school textbooks;

Wherein, President Obama and the Department of Education (DoED) have ignored the General Education Provisions Act, The Department of Education Organization Act, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 which forbid the DoED from selecting textbooks and other instructional materials;

Wherein, Common Core Standards created by the DoED/private organizations shape the curricula taught in every public school setting and give the DoED authority to create assessment tools;

Wherein, the actions taken by the federal government have severely limited local control of schools;

Wherein, federal legislators could reallocate federal dollars to the states as each state enacts legislation to replace specific federal statutes,

Wherein, federal Title X funding would be reallocated to the state when the state has legislation that provides the services required under Title X and this process can be repeated;

Wherein, federal tax dollars should be returned to the states that write legislation to implement programs effectively and efficiently

Therefore, my signature below represents my request for legislation which would stop federal funding of education, would require those federal dollars be reallocated to the states, and that would encourage states to increase local control of schools.

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