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  1. Study and learn about these issues. We see Advocates for Academic Freedom as a great teaching and reference source. Please share it with others. Please deepen your study by searching the many other conservative organizations that offer excellent resources in support of accountability in education. Visit our Links section for possible resources for future study.
  2. Invite all of your friends to go to: read the petition and sign it. Encourage them to become actively involved in their neighborhood schools. They may need your support to begin the process of expecting educators to respect their standards for their neighborhood school.
  3. Talk to your pastor, and members of all social and political groups. Share information about Advocates for Academic Freedom, the petition, the mission, and the importance of their participation.
  4. Write letters to the editor. They are an effective way of spreading information about important issues. According to some sources, more people read Letters to the Editor than the editorials.
  5. Write to your legislators. As a citizen you have a duty to let your representatives know what you think about the issues, particularly about your local schools and the educational opportunities provided your children.
  6. Attend conferences and school board meetings. Insist that the curriculum is fact centered and meets the highest standards.
  7. Provide a lot of positive and supportive comments to educators whenever possible. They need to feel confident that they are not seen as the enemy. Educators are typically willing to work with people who want to improve the school environment.
  8. Create a Facebook page for parents who share your concerns. Social networking is powerful. It is an excellent resource for creative ideas, support, and encouragement.
  9. Talk with your neighbors. Become an advocate for your child, your child’s right to a quality, balance, and fact based education.

Please raise your voice, create a power base by organizing neighbors, advocate for your rights with as much energy as those who have been using the educational system to meet their political agendas.

Thank you for your time and courage,
Advocates for Academic Freedom

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