Social Engineering

BECAUSE a purpose of an educational system is to prepare students to become a well informed electorate with skills necessary for contributing members of a work force, and

BECAUSE teaching mastery of a subject does not require indoctrination of social goals, and

BECAUSE there is no racial, sexual or cultural bias in acknowledging the scientific method, rules of grammar, math rules and formulas, and the facts of wars fought and constitutional amendments written, and

BECAUSE there is no racial, sexual, or cultural bias in the fact that 90% is the acceptable standard for a grade of A and that objective standards can be established for grades of B,C, D etc., and

BECAUSE the English language does not pose a cultural or intellectual disadvantage for assimilated American citizens, and

BECAUSE focusing on social goals rather than academics is one of the reasons American students are testing so poorly, and

BECAUSE the implementation of heterogeneous grouping and cooperative grouping of children produced years of declining student academic achievement, and

BECAUSE removing social engineering from all academic areas of study will release time to teach facts and basic skills which actually comprise those subjects,

THEREFORE that social engineering should not be a focus of public schools, and

THEREFORE that the focus of all academic areas of instruction remain academic.