Curriculum of Government Studies

BECAUSE schools receiving federal funding are responsible for assuring that students can recognize the difference between various forms of government, and

BECAUSE an understanding of various forms of government can be achieved through curriculum which offers relevant literature on socialism, communism, fascism, taxation, and democracy, and

BECAUSE curriculums in schools must provide opportunities for students to understand the history of governmental fiscal responsibility and fiscal irresponsibility, and

BECAUSE basic government curriculums must provide a study of the struggles and sacrifices made in the development of our government, and

BECAUSE the most accurate resources for identifying the process and the achievements of our founders are the writings of participants such as, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Locke, Adam Smith, and

BECAUSE the founders were influenced by the ideas of great thinkers such Cicero, Sir William Blackstone, and Alexis de Tocqueville,

THEREFORE curriculum for the study of government in schools receiving federal funding must include the writings of persons who participated in the establishment of our government and its institutions.